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Home Expert Advice Hammocks Knowledge Center Wheel Kit Installation

Wheel kits allow you to easily move your tri-beam hammock stand from one spot to the next when desired. Wheel kits prevent dragging of the stand on the ground, thus preventing any scratches that may lead to rust.

Before assembling your wheel kit, make sure that your hammock stand is fully assembled. To assemble your wheel kit:

  1. Begin by attaching the wheel bracket (Fig. 1) to the bottom of one of the upright hammock stand poles.
  2. Next, place a wheel (Fig. 4) on each axle of the wheel bracket.
  3. Hand-tighten the two hex nuts (Fig. 6) onto the U bolt while holding the bracket and wheels approximately 1/16” above the surface on which the stand is resting. You may remove the wheels from the axles after this point is found to allow easier access while tightening the hex nuts.
  4. After attaching the hex nuts, replace the wheels on the axles, making sure to place the longer yokes inward.
  5. Secure the wheels to the axles with the silver axle caps by placing each cap over the axle and striking with a small hammer to secure. This may be a very tight fit.
  6. After installing your wheel kit to your hammock stand, the stand may now be moved by lifting the end of the stand opposite the wheels and rolling the stand to desired location.

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