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Home Expert Advice Hammocks Knowledge Center Tree Strap Assembly

Tree straps are a wonderful alternative to using a hook to hang a hammock from a tree. They prevent any possible damage resulting from installing a hook into your tree, as well as enable you to move your hammock very easily. We have provided directions for installing your tree straps, but you may also view this Video for installing tree straps for an informative tutorial and demonstration.

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Before installing your tree straps, locate two trees that are the correct distance apart for your particular hammock. If you are unsure which distance is right for your hammock, please refer to the Hanging Distance chart provided above. Once you know which trees from which you are going to hang your hammock, wrap one of the straps around the first tree one time.

Once the strap is wrapped around the tree one time, place the ring through the end with the loop in the strap and pull until it is snug. Then, wrap the strap around the tree once more. When you arrive at the point where the ring was first pulled through the loop, slip the ring over the top layer of the strap and pull until snug. Finally, attach your hook to the ring. Repeat on the second tree with the other tree strap, then hang your hammock from the hooks and relax!

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