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DFOhome Hammock Buying Guide - Mayan Hammock

Now that you have picked out a hammock, you need to choose which hammock stand will accommodate it best. We have put together information, tips, and examples to guide you in the right direction for picking a stand that works for your hammock. Because there are many sizes and types, picking a stand requires a little knowledge of your hammock size and available space.

We offer stands in both metal and wood varieties, as well as a newly designed wicker stand. Most hammocks require a space two feet longer than the hammock itself when measured from ring to ring. If you are purchasing a standard hammock that is 13 ft from ring to ring, excluding the chains, it is best to buy a 15ft stand. Please note that most standard stands are 15 ft in total length. Hammocks have increased in size in the last few years, and it is now more difficult to find a stand under 15 ft. Please also note that hammock hardware and hooks come with the hammock, not the hammock stand.

Metal Stands

Metal stands are commonly lower in price and are constructed for durability, stability, security. All of our metal stands are powder-coated to guard against rust and weather damage to provide you with the confidence that your stand will resist the elements. Our metal stands assemble and disassemble in less than 10 minutes, making them easy to store in the winter.

The most popular hammock stand is the Forest Green Tri-Beam Steel Stand by Hatteras Hammocks. It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs, making it the sturdiest stand available. It is also compatible with all of our stand accessories, such as hammock stand tables, wheel kits, and hammock canopies. This stand is also popular because it is available in four different colors: green, bronze, black, and taupe. If a less expensive stand is desired, the basic hammock stand that holds 450 lbs is perfect, such as this taupe hammock stand.

If you have more decorative tastes, the Steel Arc stand is a wonderful addition to your hammock. It is 15 ft long and will accommodate any of our 13 ft hammocks. The Steel Arc stand has a weight capacity of 450 lbs, and it is available in green, bronze, black, and taupe. The Stainless Steel Arc stand is slightly more expensive, but it is more rust resistant than any other stand. Unfortunately, no accessories accommodate this stand.

Wooden Stands

Wooden stands provide more elegance and decorative appeal for your hammock. If you prefer a wooden stand, we recommend the gorgeous Roman Arc Cypress Hammock stand, available in both 4 ply and 7 ply wood. Both varieties are 15ft long, fitting all of our large, deluxe, and Presidential hammocks. The weight capacity for both is 450 lbs, as the difference is in the size of the beam, not the durability.

DFOhome Hammock Buying Guide - Mayan Hammock

If you are unsure which hammocks and stands accommodate each other and prefer to buy a hammock and stand together, then we suggest purchasing a combo package, such as this Hatteras Hammocks combo. Of course, you can always call our customer service at (252) 295-0404 if you have any questions. Our team of knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you! Good Luck and Enjoy!

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