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Outdoor-Curtain Materials

Outdoor Curtain Materials Comparison Chart

  Polyester WeatherSmart® Sunbrella® Tempotest®
Price Range $ $$ $$$ $$$
Curtain Sizes
50"x84", 50"x96", 50"x108"* 50"x84", 50"x96", 50"x108", 50"x120" 50"x84", 50"x96", 50"x108", 50"x120" 120"x84", 120"x96", 120"x108", 120"x120"
Solids Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stripes or Patterns Both No Stripes Stripes
Sheers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grommet Style Silver plastic, 1.5" inside diameter UV-protected nickel grommets, 1.75" inside diameter UV-protected nickel grommets, 1.5" inside diameter UV-protected nickel grommets, 1.5" inside diameter
Tab-Top Style Velcro fasteners or Sewn Sewn Sewn Sewn
Tiebacks No Yes Yes Yes
Shipping 2-3 days after order Same-day** Made to Order, usually 5-7 business days** Made to Order, usually 1 to 2 weeks**
Warranty 90 days 1 year 1 year 1 year

We offer three high-performance varieties to fit a range of budget, design and durability needs.

Made by Commonwealth, our Polyester Outdoor Curtains are an outstanding starting point for outdoor decorating and enhancement. They offer highly affordable quality, durability, fabric softness and design flexibility, though with more limited fade-resistance than our other outdoor-curtain materials.

Our Commonwealth Polyester Outdoor Curtains are available with grommets in three sizes and a variety of colors and patterns, and as striped and patterned sheers in two sizes each. They also come in two sizes each as striped, patterned and solid-color outdoor-curtain sheers in the grommet style; and three sizes of solid-color outdoor-curtain sheers in tab-top style.

All of our Commonwealth Polyester Outdoor Curtains and Commonwealth Polyester Outdoor Curtain Sheers carry a 90-day limited warranty.

WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains, a unique synthetic blend, greatly exceed polyester in long-term outdoor performance. The fabric at the heart of this top-quality outdoor drapery promises weatherability, overall durability, colorfastness, softness and stain resistance on par with, or surpassing, that of any other outdoor-curtain fabric available today.

This outdoor-curtain line is available in three sizes and a variety of colors in both tap-top and grommet style, with convenient all-weather tiebacks. Our WeatherSmart Outdoor Curtains also come in one color of outdoor-curtain sheer.

All of our WeatherSmart Outdoor Curtains and WeatherSmart Outdoor Curtain Sheers carry a 1-year limited warranty.

Outdoor Curtains Made From Sunbrella® are solution-dyed acrylic, a heavy-duty yet lightweight fabric. Sunbrella, for years among the most trusted names in outdoor fabrics, has an unmatched history of quality, durability and product attractiveness.

This outdoor-curtain line is available in three sizes and a variety of colors in both tap-top and grommet styles, with convenient all-weather tiebacks. Our Outdoor Curtains Made From Sunbrella also come in one color of outdoor-curtain sheer.

All of our Outdoor Curtains Made From Sunbrella, including the line of outdoor-curtain sheers, carry a 1-year limited warranty.

Tempotest® Extra wide Outdoor Curtains provide an additional option for your Outdoor Curtain needs. Roughly translating from Italian as “stands the test of weather and time”, these Outdoor curtains provide a quality option with a beautiful Italian flair perfect for a larger open area.

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Outdoor Curtain Types

Curtains With Grommets are among the most popular and efficient drapery types for outdoor settings, due to their incredible ease of use. Simply put, they are an unpleated drape with stylish circular grommets fitted at the top that slip over a stationary rod. Once hung, these curtains can nonetheless appear pleated from the folds that form where the fabric naturally gathers together.

The grommet style offers the additional distinct advantage of being quick and simple to take down and store during stretches of nasty weather. In addition, quality grommets create a wonderful design element; the perfectly round holes are a visually pleasing contrast to the natural linearity of the outdoor curtains themselves.

Our curtain grommets are either UV-protected heavy plastic or stainless steel, depending on the curtain-fabric type. That means they're exceptionally well-suited for the outdoors, and not at risk of damaging either drapery poles or outdoor drapes.

All of our outdoor drapery fabric lines are available in the grommet style.

Tab-Top Curtains, like curtains with grommets, are ideal for outdoor use for how readily they can be taken down and stored, if needed. With the curtains laying flat, the matching fabric loops, or tabs, look like battlements at the top of a castle, with uniform spaces between each tab. The fabric tabs, which attach with Velcro straps, slide directly over the drapery rod, for a more cohesive, consistent appearance than grommets can provide. Free-hanging tab-top style curtains promise clean, modern lines for design, integrating exceptionally well with the feel of the contemporary outdoor room.

Our WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains and Outdoor Curtains Made From Sunbrella® are available in tab-top style, though most of our polyester outdoor curtains and outdoor-curtain sheers come only in grommet style.

Outdoor-Curtain Sheers, also known as voiles, are typically used more for their decorative charm, and for the soft, hazy ambience they create, than for their shade or privacy potential. Made from extremely lightweight all-weather fabric, they are designed to allow some light to pass through. While translucent, sheers are not transparent, so typically only hazy shapes and shadows are visible when looking through them.

All of our outdoor-drapery varieties include at least one outdoor-curtain sheer.

Rail Curtains involve a rail assembly made up of small precision parts that tend to weather poorly when routinely exposed to the elements, potentially jamming up the whole assembly. That makes this curtain type problematic for outdoor use, prone as it is to issues with durability. We therefore recommend against it for outside use, and do not include rail curtains for purchase on our site. Outdoor living should always promote relaxation, never aggravation!

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