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Home Expert Advice Outdoor Curtains Knowledge Center Installation

Hanging outdoor curtains requires only three components: hardware for mounting a hanging pole to your outdoor surface, and the curtain panels themselves.

Getting Started: Measurements and Outdoor Curtain Hardware

You've chosen a space where you'd like to install curtains. Now determine two points on the wall or ceiling of equal height between which your curtains will hang. At these points, you will install your hardware:

Installing Outside Mount Brackets

Outside Mount Brackets keep your pole about two inches from your wall. They are the easiest hardware to install in most situations. Depending on whether your installing into brick or wood, you will need either masonry or carpentry screws to attach the hardware to the wall.

Installing Inside Mount Brackets

Want your outdoor curtain pole to fit cleanly within an open space? Inside Mount Brackets allow for a very clean, minimalistic look, without the need for finials. You will need a pole that is slightly smaller (~0.25 in) than the opening you want it to span. We'll show you how to customize a pole below.

Installing Outdoor Curtain Tension Rods

For narrow openings like doorways or windows, Tension Rods are a nonpermanent, easy to install solution. With multiple size options for spaces between 18” and 150”, Tension Rods are compatible for spaces between 16 to 148 inches wide.

Got Measurements. Got Hardware. Next Step: Choosing a pole.

Once you've chosen hardware, you'll have a good idea of the pole length you require. Inside-Mount Brackets require an exact pole measurement matching the distance between your two hardware hanging points.

Outside Mount Brackets and Ceiling Brackets require the pole to reach slightly beyond their hooks and rings.

Our outdoor curtain poles are available in 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft lengths. Need a custom-length curtain pole? You can cut our outdoor-safe poles (easily done with a Hacksaw) and use adapters to create the exact length you require. See the video to learn more:

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