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Home Expert Advice Outdoor Curtains Knowledge Center How to Measure

Before You Measure

If you want your curtains to hang down to an exact point, note that tabbed and grommeted curtains hang differently. Tabs curtains hang true to their length, whereas grommets hang 1.25 inches higher than their true length. Watch the video to learn more.

Tabs and Grommets: Additional Considerations

Our grommeted curtains are made from all-weather nickel. They won't rust, but they do slide easily on standard metal curtain poles or PVC piping. On a windy day, they might be blown open or closed, or from one side of your hanging pole to the other.

Tabs resist wind more than grommets, but are modestly affected by heavy winds.

Click play to watch how we measured one patio opening's width and length to decide which size outdoor curtain panels to buy, as well as how many.

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