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Sunbrella, Polyester and Tempotest Extra Wide Outdoor Curtains

Sunbrella Curtains are durable and rugged, yet feels smooth and fine. It's the product of decades of fabric experimentation that started with building the world's best nautical-friendly fabrics.

Tempotest Extra Wide Curtains provide a distinct “Italian” feel to any Outdoor setting. With quality comparable to Sunbrella, Tempotest provides a durable and resilient option for larger outdoor spaces.

Polyester Curtains are our most affordable, but come with a shorter 90-day warranty.

Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains are UV-safe staples of the outdoor fabric market. Used in pillows, furniture, curtains, and even on sailboats, they are guaranteed to make your outdoor space stand out.

Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains

Polyester Outdoor Curtains feature unbeatable prices and suprisingly sturdy construction. In most circumstances, polyester performs every bit as well as WeatherSmart or Sunbrella. Inevitable, wear and tear will take its toll upon polyester more so than with other outdoor-optimized fabrics, so these curtains are best used in a seasonal fashion.

Polyester Outdoor Curtains

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