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Home Expert Advice Outdoor Curtains Buying Guides Outdoor Curtains Pt. 4

What Length Do You Want Your Outdoor Curtains/Curtain Sheers to Be?

All styles of our outdoor curtains and outdoor-curtain sheers come in at least two lengths, with most available in three. To determine the right length for your own outdoor-living needs, you'll first need to determine exactly where you plan to hang your curtains, then measure from the top of where your pole will hang to where you'd prefer to see the bottom of the curtain fall.

We generally recommend that your outdoor drapery hang to about 1 inch above floor surface, especially if you like the sensation of the curtains moving a little with the breeze.

Of course, for a more dramatic, decorative effect, you can do what's known as "puddling" with your curtain ends, to where they bunch up slightly, spilling forward where they come in contact with the floor surface. For this puddling effect, measure from the point where you plan to hang your curtain rod down to the floor surface, then add anywhere from 1-6 inches, depending on how pronounced a "puddle" you want, to figure out the overall length of curtains you'll need.

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