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Where Will You Be Hanging Your Outdoor Curtains? Location, location, location!

Quality outdoor curtains are an exceptional accessory for any number of outdoor-living situations and setups - gazebos and porches, and with just a little creativity, poolsides, patios, decks, balcones and beyond. If hung on the inside of a front porch, outdoor curtains can work wonders in enhancing curb appeal.

Choosing a Style

There are 3 types of tops for our outdoor curtains. Grommet Top, Tab Top, and Sleeve Top. All three are great, and choosing one is a matter of which style you prefer.

Grommet Top

Grommet Top Curtain

Grommet top curtains open and close easily without creating excessive friction between grommet and outdoor curtain pole, and they can be taken down with ease. Good looks and durability combine with strong functionality to make nickel grommets the right choice for your patio curtains. The round grommets contrast well with the natural lines of the curtains making them pleasant to look at. The metallic sheen of our grommets creates a striking modern look that accentuates our many great outdoor curtain panel colors and designs in Sunbrella.

Grommet Choices

Our grommets come in 7 colors. Satin Nickel, Nickel, Old Copper, Plated Brass, Dark Gunmetal, Light Gunmetal, and Black. You may choose any for your outdoor curtains.

Tab Top

Tab Top Curtain

An excellent choice for hanging in windy areas, tab top outdoor curtains hang sturdily on the pole and offer continuous matching color from top to bottom. Great for a clean, efficient appearance on a porch or deck, tab top outdoor drapes hang true to their listed length, which makes measuring a breeze. They also are capable of extending more fully than their grommeted counterparts. Tab top patio curtains offer a clean, stylish look, without sacrificing any functionality.

Sleeve Top

Sleeve Top Curtain

Much like an arm of a jacket, the sleeve outdoor curtains fit secure around any rod or pole for a truly full and flat look. *Now Available in All Curtain Types.

Stabilizing Grommets

Stabilizing Grommets

Excessive wind can ruin any outdoor setting. Our Stabilizing Grommets can help alleviate this frustration drastically. What are Stabilizing Grommets? They are tiny one-half inch grommets located on the bottom corners of the curtain panel itself. These can be used to tie-down or “stabilize” any of our curtains. *For extra stability, our Extra wide curtains come with 3 stabilizing grommets. One in each corner, and one in the middle.

Anchor Weights

Anchor Weights

An ideal pair with our stabilizing grommets is our curtain anchor weight. The curtain anchor weight consists of a weighted bag enclosed in either our Sunbrella® or Tempotest Extra Wide® Fabric with an attached matching strap. This strap when looped through the stabilizing grommet secures the curtain to the ground, even on especially windy days. We have found this to be the most effective and safest way of securing an outdoor curtain. **Curtain Anchor Weights are sold as a pair of two**

Some things to consider.

Is your outdoor living space in an enclosed area that doesn’t receive much full sunlight, with your outdoor drapery to come between you and the direct sun?

One of the real beauties of outdoor curtains is their ability to turn a partially enclosed outdoor nook into a real outdoor room. But keep in mind that darker-colored curtains are liable to make a space that’s already fairly removed from full sunlight seem darker still. If brighter light is what you want, then consider lighter-colored curtains; for even more natural light, go instead with outdoor-curtain sheers. Also, a heavier-fabric curtain may limit airflow in a space where there already isn’t much. In this case, an outdoor-curtain sheer may again be the better option.

Does the space offer privacy from neighbors, or is it very visible to anyone who’s looking in that direction?

If privacy is an issue, then you may want to go with regular outdoor curtains, not outdoor-curtain sheers. Though it’s difficult to make out many details on the other side of outdoor-curtain sheers, there is nonetheless a sense of being more exposed than with heavy-material outdoor curtains.

Is the space where you hope to hang your curtains saturated in intense sun for long stretches of time?

If so, then you’d be wise to go with our Tempotest Extra-Wide Outdoor Curtains or our Outdoor Curtains made from Sunbrella®, our two solution-dyed outdoor-curtain brand, which are going to retain color longer than polyester can.

Is there a workable surface for attaching curtain hardware so you can easily hang your curtains, or will you have to make some structural changes to allow curtains rods to be hung, or be more creative in your use of hardware?

Once you get the outdoor-curtain bug, it’s hard to take no for an answer. Still, sometimes the reality of an outdoor living space can make it a little trickier to install curtains, and may even require some improvising on your part, or assistance from a professional carpenter. Quite simply, you have to have a suitable place to hang that curtain rod! Partially enclosed outdoor spaces like gazebos, porches and some attached decks are ready-made for adding outdoor curtains, yet many preferred outdoor-living setups may require some structural alteration or outright addition - vertical 4” x 4” beams attached to the corners of your deck, for instance, or a wide arbor-type overhang installed into the ground - to support the curtain-hanging hardware.

How Do You Want Your Outdoor Curtains to Function?

Do you want your outdoor curtains to block sun/create some artificial shade?

If so, then a traditional curtain may be more practical than an outdoor-curtain sheer, since sheers are not going to block as much light.

In general, darker-colored outdoor curtains are going to mask more outside light, but they’re also going to absorb more heat, so you’ll really need to weight the realities of the space where you plan to hang your curtains. If limited airflow is a factor, then you may want to compromise somewhat, choosing a slightly lighter-color curtain.

Do you want your outdoor curtains to create or enhance a mood?

Both of our outdoor-curtain lines offer a variety of different colors for playing off existing color schemes, or perhaps adding a bright accent to an otherwise muted backdrop.

If your goal, however is a light, breezy outdoor-living space, then outdoor-curtain sheers are probably the better way to go. Sheers, sometimes called voiles, act more as light diffusers than blockers, lending your outdoor space a softer, gauzier feel. SHeers with stripes or patterns offer their own unique qualities of light diffusion, creating at times a dappling effect that can really be quite charming.

Are you trying to limit bugs from getting to you?

If you already spend a lot of time outdoors, then you know that virtually nothing you can do is going to keep all bugs away, particularly if you use your outdoor living space at night, with lighting. If you live in a heavy-bug locale, then insect deterrents of some kind (citronella; some type of natural or chemical repellent; a bug zapper, if you can stand it; etc.) are probably going to be necessary no matter what else you do. Generally speaking, though, outdoor curtains can certainly help keep down the volume of aggravating airborne bugs.

If light-seeking insects in particular are a recurring problem at night, then darker outdoor curtains offer distinct advantages – they're automatically going to block more bug-attracting light, whereas outdoor curtain sheers of any kind are going to spill out a lot more light into the night. Just keep in mind that darker and heavier curtains also are likely to trap more heat, and limit natural air circulation a little more as well.

Are you trying to create separate-feeling outdoor spaces, with your curtains acting as dividers?

For more distinct divisions in space, outdoor curtains typically are a better option than outdoor-curtain sheers, since sheers don't completely block your view of what's on the other side of them. Darker curtains in a light environment will provide a more abrupt sense of border.

Are you attempting to accessorize a space, or give it greater visual appeal?

If you're simply setting out to accentuate a favorite outdoor-living spot or outdoor room, then the color, design, fabric styles and hardware options at this site will give you plenty of room to play off existing motifs, or use as a design springboard for decorating with other outdoor-living items like porch swings or outdoor rugs.

If you need a fabric sample in order to make a decision on color, we'll do our best to get you one as soon as possible. Select the Free Sample Option on the drop down menu on the color you need.

Is privacy your primary concern?

Though outdoor-curtain sheers do mask a full view of what's behind them, outdoor curtains themselves will provide much more by way of privacy. Even lighter-color outdoor curtains should achieve this goal for you, but for a greater sense of seclusion from the world on the far side of your new curtains, darker colors may offer a better solution. Just keep in mind that darker curtains may also hold in a little more heat in partially enclosed spaces. So is it time to also start thinking about a good overhead fan?

What Curtain Material Is Best for You?


For years, the Sunbrella® brand has been among the most established and trusted names in outdoor fabrics, with an unmatched history of quality, durability and attractiveness. Sunbrella® is an acrylic, solution-dyed with additional UV inhibitors, for superb colorfastness and fabric strength, plus a wonderful soft feel. With solution-dyeing, color is not applied to the finished fabric through traditional washing or dipping, but instead is actually sealed into the thread fiber in its liquid form, as it's being made, becoming an actual part of the fiber itself. Sunbrella® fabrics are resistant to rotting, mold, mildew and staining, and clean with just soap and water.

We offer over 130 colors in either tab top, grommet top, or sleeve top, which allow you to make your dreams a reality when coordinating your outdoor space products. Our fashion-forward curtains provide easy compliments to a wide range of outdoor-living accessories, including many hammocks and quality outdoor rugs. The curtains also feature same-color Sunbrella® tiebacks for additional ease-of-use.

Tempotest® Extra Wide

No waiting months on end. No special orders. That’s right, these extra wide, 120 inch outdoor curtains are ready and waiting to reinvigorate your new patio or porch. More than twice the width of most standard panels, this extra large size hangs more solidly in wind, and allows for wider expanses to be covered by fewer outdoor curtains. Fewer panels makes for a more cohesive, contiguous look both when open and shut.

The heavier weight and breadth of these outdoor curtains provides a luxurious feel. Fully extended, they can easily reach across entryways and gaps up to 8 ft wide. Multiple extra-wide panels allow the extra width to dapple across the curtain surface, creating a relaxed, sophisticated look.

Tempotest® fabrics integrate perfectly in any outdoor space creating a protection from the sun radiation, adding a touch of colour and elegance. Tempotest® is the biggest fabric collection for awning, created for any lifestyle.

The quality of the solution dyed fibre and the innovative finishing Teflon Extreme by Par fabric protector, make Tempotest® fabrics water/oil repellent, resistant to mold, stains, salt and U.V. fading.

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