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Home Brands Pawleys Island Hammocks

Pawleys Island Outdoor Rugs

The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock is anything but newfangled. At nearly 125 years old and counting, the venerable brand continues to offer the very best of its past toward helping its customers better enjoy their own futures.


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Pawleys Island Hammocks

Pawleys Island Hammock Hardware: Zinc-plated hardware that lasts. Everything you need for a tree or post installation including (2) tree hooks and chain/hook assemblies.

Zinc prevents rust, maintaining the structural integrity of your hammock. The metal chains and rings at either end of your hammock bear a significant amount of the load, and they need to be strong. Pawley's Island hammocks boast thicker gauge steel than imitating brands, because we don't feel our customers' safety should be put at risk so we can pocket a few extra bucks.

Pawleys Island Hammock Spreader Bars: Solid oak, marine-grade varnished bars hold your hammock’s bed comfortably in place. Rope feeds through countersunk openings in the bars: a simple innovation that adds years of life to your hammock.

Non-countersunk imitations will chafe the rope, causing your hammock to essentially self-destruct. All Pawleys Island hammocks feature precision countersinking to ensure the rope interacts smoothly at each connection with the spreader bar.

All Pawleys Island hammocks are tested to meet exacting standards of comfort and craftsmanship.

Only the finest quality hammocks receive a metal tag, a staple of every authentic, quality-tested Pawleys Island hammock. Don't be fooled by imitators: if it doesn't have the tag, it wasn't meticulously handcrafted by one of our expert weavers.

When it comes to new products, Pawleys Island has combined today's technology with 100 Years of Hammock Tradition to produce a new generation of hammocks and swings.

For maximum comfort, go with the original cotton rope. Polyester rope provides added durability. DuraCord marries cotton’s soft feel to polyester's ruggedness.

Over a century's worth of hammock-crafting wisdom culminates in the Pawleys Island fabric hammocks. These hammocks feature an innovative, quick-drying fabric bed -- offering a unique variation from the traditional woven rope model.

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