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Home Expert Advice Product Care Stands Wooden Stands

Rope furniture

Follow the instructions for cleaning the polyester rope and use an Oxy Clean solution and water. To clean the wood, remove the rope as much as possible from the frame and sand the wood with traditional sandpaper (100 or 150). Varnish the wood with marine grade polyurethane gloss or high gloss varnish. For best results, apply two coats. Use new bolts and screws for a cleaner look, both available at your local hardware store.

Cumaru furniture

Cumaru furniture should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and debris to extend the life of the wood. To keep your cumaru furniture looking it’s best, apply any type of teak oil when the wood appears to be drying out. The amount of direct sunlight will impact the frequency in which oil needs to be applied.

Cypress wood

Cypress will weather to a pewter gray color overtime. This wood contains a natural oil and is therefore not varnished. To restore your stand, lightly sand the wood and apply 1-2 coats of boiled linseed oil. This will nourish the wood and restore it's original oil. You can also varnish your stand, using a regular marine grade polyurethane gloss or high gloss varnish.

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