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Not your everyday porch furniture

Design Divined from Simpler Times.
Artisanry from Carpentry's Foremost Innovators.

The Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty

Pawleys Island Tradition: It's More Than a Name.

It's a promise. When you purchase from DFOhome, you're part of our family. That's why we include a residential lifetime warranty with this furniture. We're that confident in each and every chair, table, and accessory we produce.

Call our Porch Furniture Specialists today: 1-800-398-6004. They'll answer any questions you may have, and ensure your order is shipped out today.

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Our Poly Lumber Material

Poly lumber is HDPE: High-density polyethylene, a polymer (plastic) designed to look and feel like wood. HDPE is all around you: in hula hoops, milk bottles, water pipes, and bottle caps. About 90% of the HDPE material in your furniture is recycled from items like these.

But I don’t want furniture that feels “plasticky.”

This furniture feels anything but, largely thanks to extrusion. Extrusion molds the heated HDPE material into long lumber boards, as it were Play-Doh. Through this process, the HDPE gains the shape and texture of wooden lumber.

The classic wooden feel, redefined.

Poly lumber chairs never require painting: they’re dyed to the core during extrusion. They’re also infused during that process with UV-inhibitors, ensuring a lifetime of vivid colorfastness under the sun. Unlike wood, no moisture can penetrate the material, preventing rot. The polymer is so solidly bonded that it will never splinter nor crack during day to day use.

Ultra-durable furniture for the digital age.

We don’t skimp on our HDPE. We use only the finest extrusion methods in order to produce a denser, sturdier poly lumber material. We’ll do anything to ensure greater durability and safety for our customers.

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Our Poly Lumber Material Our Poly Lumber Material

Industry-Leading Hardware

Industry-Leading Hardware Industry Leading Hardware

All "Stainless Steel" is NOT Created Equal.

“Stainless steel” can refer to a variety of alloys. Most outdoor furniture manufacturers’ stainless steel is “Type 304,” which meets the minimum standard for the “Stainless” designation. It’s the grade of steel used on tabletops, stoves, and refrigerators. Unfortunately, it’s also erroneously used as hardware on lesser outdoor furniture, leading these cheaper models to an early (and rusty) demise.

Enter “Type 316.”

Pawleys Island Porch Furniture utilizes a marine-grade, stainless steel alloy to produce hardware for its outdoor furniture. Type 316 rates among the most anti-corrosive metals in the world. It’s routinely used in surgical implants like pacemakers, where it capably prevents corrosion in extreme conditions.

It’s Practically Elemental.

Unique to Type 316 is the presence of Molybdenum, an element which provides protection against moisture, particularly the saltwater air of marine environments. It’s known for keeping its shape and integrity, even when exposed to major changes in temperature. Type 316 sees heavy use in naval vessels: a testament to its unparalleled corrosion resistance.

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Hear it from the Pros

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The History of Poly Lumber
Learn more about the origins of the technologically innovative material used to produce our furniture.

Pawleys Island Porch Furniture

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Customer Service