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Frame Paradise in the Colors of Life.

Sunbrella fabric.
Carolina craftsmanship.

A Superior Curtain Fabric

Canvas Brick Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains by DFOhome

When fabric canopies came into vogue among boatmakers in the mid-20th century, many struggled to find a material strong enough to hold up to the sun-drenched, moist conditions of riverway and sea.

Sunbrella was developed with two missions in mind: First, to create a fabric durable enough to last decades in harsh marine environments. And secondly, to create a variety of beautifully colored fabrics that maintain their color, even through intense daily exposure to sunlight.

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From Sea to Shore

Sunbrella revolutionized how boatmakers thought about fabric in boat construction, and it was not long before it became apparent that the same material would make an outstanding fabric for any outdoor use.

Among the many new Sunbrella products that began sweeping the nations was a collection of outdoor curtains, made right here in the Carolinas by DFOhome. The popularity of these colorfast and moisture-resistant curtain panels made them a favorite on porches, patios, and decks nationwide, helping to bring many new jobs to skilled American needleworkers.

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Our Sunbrella Material Our Sunbrella Material

Unparalleled Outdoor Curtain Quality

Free Tiebacks Included with Every Outdoor Curtain Tiebacks Included

Soft to the touch. Ruggedly constructed.

DFOhome's outdoor curtains are soft, yet solid. Sunbrella curtains have a weight and solidness to them that speaks to the quality of their construction. They hang sturdily, and are rarely unsettled by anything other than substantial gusts of wind.

See for yourself below the variety of colors and styles our fine needleworkers have assembled for you. Their hard work has yielded a collection of some of the finest outdoor curtains in the world. If you're looking for curtain poles and hardware to help make your outdoor curtain dream a reality, check out this page.

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Sunbrella Outdoor Curains

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