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Outdoor Furniture Materials Guide

Fir Cedar Acacia/Eucalyptus Cypress Poly Lumber
Durability Naturally resistant to rot, decay & insect damage Never rots or splinters, UV-treated for fade resistance
Color (New) Natural Natural Teak-like Natural Varies
Color (Weathered) Sliver/Gray Sliver/Gray Teak-like Sliver/Gray N/A
Finishing Looks great with most types of wood stain; painting/varnishing not recommended
Maintenance Easily cleaned with a solution of bleach, detergent, & water
Origin FSC Sustainably managed forests in the United States/Canada/Overseas 100% recycled plastics
Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is used in outdoor furniture because of its natural resistance to rot and decay. It does not need to be chemically treated. Cedar is a natural choice for any outdoor setting.

Concerning the cracking (checking) of the wood: This is a normal occurrence, and does not affect the furniture's safety, durability or strength. It is a natural process that provides a sought-after, aged look. All cedar log furniture is subject to the natural process of checking as the wood ages. Checking occurs as wood releases moisture across or through its annual growth rings, and does not affect structural performance or integrity.

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Acacia and Eucalyptus

Acacia and Eucalyptus are tropical hardwoods that feature the same texture, color, density and heaviness of teak. Acacia and Eucalyptus are a good alternative to teak, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Acacia and Eucalyptus are more abundant and therefore easier to obtain -- and more affordable, too!

Acacia and Eucalyptus are fast growing trees; they are more affordable, and both grow to be very large -- all factors contributing to their being a natural choice for great outdoor furniture.

Cypress Wood

Cypress comes mainly from the southeast and is known to be one of the most durable types of wood for outdoor use. This highly sought after wood contains a natural preservative called Cypressine that prevents the wood from rotting, mildewing and it keeps insects and termites away.

Cypress is often stained using a honey-gold color sealant that helps bring out its natural grain. Non-stained Cypress wood however features a white finish that will age to a silver pewter gray overtime. Many homes in Key West Florida are made of this wood and the aging gray color is part of the charm of this town.

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Poly Lumber

Poly Lumber furniture is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic resin made from recyclable plastic materials such as milk jugs. Poly Lumber will never need to be painted or stained, it will not rot or splinter, and contains added UV protection to resist fading. It will not promote bacterial growth or mildew, and will remain unharmed from snow and rain, year after year. Poly Lumber furniture is not affected by most corrosive substances and features stainless steel hardware.

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