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Patio Furniture Care Instructions

Pine Furniture

If your pine furniture is not stained or painted, apply a clear wood preservative annually to maintain the wood’s water resistance. When unfinished pine is not treated annually the wood will start to warp and shrink overtime.

To stain or paint your unfinished furniture, allow treated wood to dry thoroughly beforehand and test dryness by sprinkling the wood's surface with water. If the water beads up, the wood is too wet and you should wait before applying your chosen finish. If the water soaks into the wood, then it's dry and ready for stain or paint.

White Oak Furniture

Overtime the finish will weather from the natural elements and start to wear off. You can however store your oak furniture in a dry, enclosed space when not in use for long periods of time to help delay the weathering.

To refinish the oak wood, we recommend sanding the wood with a 220-grit sand paper and applying 2-3 coats of any shade of high-gloss polyurethane marine-grade varnish. For a smoother finish you can also lightly re-sand the wood pieces in between coats after the wood has air-dried for 24 hours.

Cypress Furniture

To keep your cypress wood in good condition, we recommend lightly sanding the wood with a 220-grit sandpaper and treating it with boiled linseed oil periodically. Boiled linseed oil is particularly nourishing for Cypress wood and will offer superior protection.

For the best results, wipe 2-3 coats of your boiled linseed oil onto the wood using a clean rag or cloth and let dry for 24-72 hours.

We do not suggest using any type of marine-grade varnish to refinish Cypress wood as this can increase the risk of rot.

Teak Furniture

While teak wood is virtually maintenance free, we do recommend cleaning the wood annually with a soft-bristle brush and soap and water to remove any natural oils built up on the surface.

To help your teak furniture retain it’s natural color, you should also treat the wood every few months with Sunwax Wood Conditioner or either Tung oil, Teak oil or Linseed oil.

Poly Lumber Furniture

To maintain the beauty of your poly lumber furniture, you can easily clean it with non-abrasive soap and water or a Clorox-type wipe. We do not suggest placing flowerpots or any items on furniture that could leave stains and advise you to not place excessively hot items directly onto furniture to avoid melting.

All hardware used is stainless steel and virtually maintenance free under normal conditions. In coastal areas, hardware will need regular rinsing with fresh water to prevent rusting. With proper care, you'll be relaxing in your poly lumber furniture for many years!

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