Outdoor Fans Keep Beautiful Summer Days Cool and Comfortable


It’s hot, it’s humid, and you’re relaxing in the AC. But at the same time, it’s beautiful outside: the sun is shining, birds are visiting the backyard. You’d kill to be outside… if only it wouldn’t kill you first.

The popular solution this summer? Outdoor fans. Check out a few of the new backyard fans available from DFOhome:
Kailua Adjustable Outdoor Fan
The “Kailua” by Deco-Breeze ($269.99)

We keep a Kailiua model in our office, and we’re featuring it in a video tomorrow. You’ll get to see how it adjusts where the rotors meet the pole to point 30 degrees upwards or downwards. You can also adjust the height of the fan from 30 to 50 inches tall. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or lounging, you’ll be sure to feel the breeze!

We’ve also got two additional modern styles in stock, with more to come (pictured below). Click on the image to visit its page on DesignedforOutdoors.com, where you can learn more about the fans and how to get one shipped to your backyard.

Deco-Breeze 19 Inch Adjustable Outdoor Fan
The “Byzantium” by Deco-Breeze ($249.99)



Deco-Breeze Wide Vines Outdoor Fan
The “Wide Vines” by Deco-Breeze ($249.99)
We recommend using a black extension cord alongside the included six foot cord with these fans. That way, you maximize their mobility. Most of the weight is in the base, and at just under 30 pounds, they’re fairly easy to move about the yard.
I like to use mine while I’m tending the garden. The breeze keeps me going on days I usually wouldn’t even want to emerge from the cozy confines of my air-conditioned home.
A cool trick. If you’re lounging on the patio, set a bowl of ice on a side table next to your fan. That cool breeze just got even cooler! You can even use a cooler or insulated container to keep the ice from melting.
DIY Ice Box in Front of Fan

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